Friday, April 24, 2015

Airtel ISD rate cutter packs to Malaysia Singapore | Activation code

In the era of Internet where Internet voice call is becoming more familiar with Whatsapp voice call, Skype voice call and so on, here we are going to look for ISD packs provided by Vodafone mobile network.

The only drawback of Internet voice call is ther will be some delay of receiving voice if the speed is slow. Otherwise, it is very cheap if we put optimum Internet pack.

If you are not having smartphones or do not have internet packs or you bored of delayed audio calls, then you can go for ISD rate cutters.

The following are the ISD rate cutters provided by Airtel to Singapore and Malaysia.

ISD Rate Cuter Price (INR)
 Singapore at 2ps/Sec and Malaysia at 3ps/sec
28 days
22 Free Mins to US/ Canada/ Singapore/ Malaysia
30 Days