Sunday, February 8, 2015

Convert PDF into tiff image in Windows 7

Finally the mystery for converting the PDF page into tiff image is now possible in windows 7 and moreover its free.

You might aware that in Windows XP there was a default option to print tiff image of the documents. But in later versions of windows, this option is removed and replaced by xps format and one note file option.

Steps to convert PDF document into tiff in Windows 7
  1. Download the freeware called PDF-Xchange Viewer. The size will be around 8 Mega Byte and it is a portable version and you no need to install it .So, we can carry it anywhere easily.
  2. Open the software by double clicking it
  3. Open the PDF document in the software.
  4. Now, right click on the PDF page you need to convert into tiff, select Export 
  5. PDF to tiff convert in windows 7
  6. In the image type you can choose tiff
  7. You can select the Quality of the file to control the file size. Better leave the default settings.
  8. Now press export . Your PDF document will be converted into tiff image perfectly.