Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fix: Skype Video Conference call not working

Skype Video Conference call not working:

As mobile communication is gradually moving towards Internet means , the Internet calling applications (Apps) like Skype are eager to provide more sophisticated options to their users to make the tel-communication more effective.

At first Skype provided only Voice calls through Internet.
Then they introduced Video Calls.

Now, Skype have took one step ahead and introduced conference calls in Audio and Video Internet Calling.

As it is new to the application, many users are finding difficulty to use the conference option effectively. This article helps to Fix / troubleshooting related to Skype Video conference call Facility.

1.First of all , ensure that all of the users who wanted to use the Video conference call have the latest version of Skype Application.

2.Right Now, Conference call cannot be made between Laptop and mobile users. Either all of the users should use smartphones or Laptop to participate in Video conference call.

3.Maximum 50 members can participate at a time in a Skype Video Conference Call.

How to Make Video Conference call in Skype :

  • In your latest Version of Skype, Create a Group and add all the participants of Video Conference
  • Ensure Everybody in the group is online
  • Press Video Call Button

At a time , 3 active Persons can speak in the screen and maximum of 50 persons can participate in the Video Conference call.

TroubleShoot : Skype Video Conference Call Not working

1.Ensure that the WiFi network that you are connected to is allowing you to make Video Call. Most of the free WiFi Network does not allow the users to make high speed video call.

2.Ensure you are using latest version of the Skype application