Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Batelco : To Change Batelco Email Password

To Change Batelco Email Password :

>>Why I have to Change my password:

To protect your Batelco Email account from security threats like phishing attacks, spam emails it is necessary to change the password of your email ID in a regular Interval.

The password should contain at-least 6 to 9 characters which contains Alphabets, Numeric and some special character , so that it is difficult for someone to guess the password easily.

>>How to Change Batelco Email Password :

  1. If you want to change the email password through online, visit
  2. Login with your User ID and current password
  3. Once you are in , look for the option account settings
  4. Inside that select Change Password
  5. Enter current password , Enter new password, COnfirm the new password and press save
  • You can check the new password by logout from the email account and relogin with the new password