Monday, November 10, 2014

To Know AT&T PUK code | Unlock Your AT&T SIM and Reset PIN number

What is AT&T PUK code :

AT&T provide the SIM cards and Phones to their users equipped with a security number called PUK code. It is an unique 8 digit code for each AT&The SIM.
PUK - PIN Unlocking Key will keep your SIM card safe when some one steal it and tries to misuse it.

Just imagine , some of your neighbor has stolen your SIM and used it to speak International calls for 2 hours. Your monthly bill will shock you right?
In such case, the PUK code may be somewhat useful to save you and your phone from others, if you have enable PIN code for your AT&T phone.

>>AT&T SIM card Locked - Now What Next :
If you have mistakenly entered you PIN number incorrectly for 3 times, then your AT&T SIM will be locked and the phone will ask for the PUK code to reset your PIN number and unlock the phone.

But , you have to be very careful at this point. Unless you don't know your PUK code for sure, you should not try any attempts.
Because if you enter incorrect PUK code for 10 attempts, the SIM will be blocked and you should buy a new SIM card which costs you some dollars

>>To Get your AT&T PUK code :
You can get AT&T PUK code through following two methods . You can choose the method according to your situation and convenience.

>>Method 1: Through Online

If you have only one AT&T SIM and it is also locked, you find no other landlines or phones at the moment, then you can try to retrieve your AT&T PUK code through online.
You should not attempt any software like AT&T PUK code generator online . Because it is 100 % false. You should try only in official AT&T website as follows.

Step 1: Go to official AT&T account manage Page .

Step 2: If you have registered already, then login with your AT&T user ID and Password. Else, Register immediately. Its an easy five minutes process.

Step 3: Now , once you logged in to the page with your User ID and password, you can see a tab named Wireless Services. Just move your mouse over there and select Phone and Devices in the list visible corresponding to that category.

Step 4: If you have enrolled more than one mobile number in your account, then select the particular mobile number that you want to know the PUK code

Step 5: Now select Unlock my phone using PUK code which can be found under the category Manage my Phone/device

Step 6: Once you click that link, you can view your PUK code. Note it down and enter it in your Phone where the SIM card is locked and requesting PUK code.

Step 7: Once you enter the PUK code, the phone will ask you to reset the PIN number. Remember this PIN number to avoid such stressful situations in the future..
>>Method 2: Through Customer care
If you have land line or another AT&T mobile phone with you, then just dial the AT&T helpline to know the PUK code immediately.

Dial 611 from other AT&T mobile or wireless phone or
Dial 800 331 0500 from land-line phone

Speak with the customer care and obtain the PUK code.

Follow Step 6 and Step 7 as explained in above method to unlock your AT&T mobile phone.

>> Unfortunately Locked PUK code also after 10 wrong attemps : What next
As already explained, you have to buy a new AT&T SIM card, if you attempted 10 number of incorrect PUK code. At this time your Phone may display error Like enter PUK2 code or SIM blocked.
No other way other than taking your phone to nearest AT&T service center and requesting a new replacement SIM.