Monday, October 27, 2014

Zain: Check 3G 4G Internet Data Balance | Manual Internet Settings | Zain sawa Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

This article helps you to check 3G Internet Data Balance remaining MB in Your Prepaid Zain, STC Saudi Arabia, Kuwait users and Manual Internet Settings for Zain SIM card and Internet Devices.

To Check Internet Data Balance in Zain

  1. Zain Saudi Arabia :
    • Go to the Zain Speed self service web page (Broadband page for Zain SA) from your data line
    • Send an SMS BC to 700212 from your Zain SIM card or Internet device
  2. Zain Kuwait:
    • Dial the USSD code *107# from your Zain kw mobile number to check internet data balance

Manual Internet Settings for zain Saudi
To Reconfigure the Zain Internet Device or SIM card applicable to ZAIN Saudi Arabia Network, Use the following settings to connect to the Internet.
  • Access Point Name : zain
  • Username – Leave as blank
  • Password – Leave as blank
  • Dial code - *99#