Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Replace New Standard chartered Debit / Credit card for Old or Stolen Card

Whether you card is stolen or your card is not detecting in ATM centers becuase of so many scratches, you need to follow the below procedure to request a new standard Chartered Debit or Credit card.

To replace standard chartered debit / credit card

  1. Call to phone banking number that is available in the bank of your current standard chartered debit card.If you don't have the card at your hand, see here for the phone banking number.
  2. Choose the option of speaking to customer care person by pressing appropriate number
  3. Request then that you need a new card as the current card become very old and not detecting or If your card is stolen , inform that you missed the card
  4. Now customer care person will block your current card number to prevent any further transaction using that number.
  5. Further he will initiate for a new debit / Credit card as per your request.
  6. Within one week you will receive your new card to your registered address with the bank and in next two days you will receive the PIN code letter for the new card.
  7. Open it carefully without any scratches and note the secret PIN code.
  8. Go to near VISA supported ATM or any Standard Chartered ATM to enable to card for first time.
  9. Do not forget to change the PIN code for security reasons.
  10. Thereafter you can use your new card as usual for all transactions in any ATM and merchant centers.