Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Airtel DTH Standard & HD : How to record Program and Store Using USB

Airtel DTH connection subscribers can enjoy recording the Programs and Movies . This is applicable for both Airtel DTH standard and HD connection.

To Record Program In Airtel DTH , Standard :

We can store maximum 500 GB of Video in Airtel DTH . It equals an approximate time of 750 hours of video in HD recording. For Standard version, we can save still more video content for same 500 GB.

If you want to record a Video, Just press Record button in the Airtel DTH remote.
To view the recorded videos , press My record button to view the list of recorded Videos.

If you want to delete or remove the old videos, You can set up in Automatic removal mode that deletes the Old video automatically. You can also manually delete the Videos by manual selection.

To Store Airtel DTH Program In USB :

In Airtel DTH set top box, you can find an additional USB port.But we can't transfer through USB port as it is disable by default.

The trick is little technical. You have to remove the DVR hard disk and connect it to the PC. You have to clone it fully in to the PC or in any External Hard disk which has 500 GB capacity. Then decrypt using Image decryption software to store the videos in usual avi or divx format into PC or laptop or External Hard disk.

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