Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vodafone : To Stop all VAS (Value added services) with one SMS or free Call

After receiving so much complaints about the uninformed and sudden reduction of balance , TRAI framed the following rule to protect consumers from mobile networks.

The consumer can call or SMS STOP to 155223 to stop all value added services provided by Vodafone network.

This is a toll free number. You will not be charged for SMS or call to this number.

Method 1: Call to 155223

The computer voice will tell the list of VAS subscribed by you. You can unsubscribe those VAS by pressing corresponding numbers.
For example, if the number says, 5 for cricket scores, then press 5 for stopping Cricket score VAS.

Method 2: SMS to 155223

Send an SMS ,  STOP to 155223
Immediately you will receive  a list of VAS subscribed by you.

For example
1.Cricket Score
2.Dialer tune

If you want to stop dialer tune, then reply 2 to 155223.

This 155223 sms and call service is applicable to all of the following VAS value added services.

    1.Callertunes & Tones , Sports ,Astrology,  Competition,,Music, Movies & TV,  Dating, Humour,

    2..Games, Downloads,   Applications,  

   3. Vodafone Social Updates,  Vodafone Callertune Share  Facebook   

   4. MSN @ Vodafone,  Voice SMS,  Rediff and Indiatimes,  Yahoo! Messenger, SMS Chat

   5.Ask a Doctor

   6. Balaji Alerts,  Osho,  Gurbani,    Bible on SMS,    Pope, Live Aarti,       Bhakti Sagar,   

   7. Vodafone MyNews, Forex & Bullion,  Business and Economy Alerts, News, Portfolio Tracker, 
   8. Stocks, Mobile  Banking,  Vodafone Flash

   9. Flight bookings,    Flight schedules,    Flight status,    Railway bookings,    Train schedules,    Airlines

   10.Voice SMS,    Call Barring,    Call Conference,    Call Divert,    Call Filter,    Call Waiting,    Caller ID, 
   11. Busy Message,    Enhanced Voicemail,    Missed Call Information