Wednesday, August 20, 2014

XOLO : Hidden Techniques in XOLO Q700 Smartphone

How to take Screenshot in Xolo Q700 ?

For taking screenshot in XOLO Q700 , press volume down button and Power button at the same time.
Initially you will not get it. Try two to three times. Then you will come to know the technique.

How to transfer files through Wifi Direct in XOLO Q700?

There is an option called Wi-Fi direct in XOLO Q700. But without installing any external apps , it is not possible to send files through Wi-Fi direct.
It should be reported as a bug in the phone. SO, you should install app like Superbeam, Flash transfer to transfer files through Wi-Fi.

How to increase ringtone sound volume in XOLO Q700 ?

In noisy places, XOLO ringtone volume will be very less even if you set it to the maximum. So , if you need more volume then set the audio profile to Outdoor.
Still you are not satisfied with the volume level, then use some sound amplifier tool from google play store to amplify the ringtone you are using .

How to avoid battery bulging in XOLO Q700?

  • Battery bulging is a main issue facing by its users. Battery bulging can be prevented by avoiding overnight charging,
  • Use only phone recommended chargers .
  • Minimize watching full length movies in your smartphone which results in heating
  • Minimize playing hd games in your smartphone. If you are phone addict, then reduce the graphics quality of the game to low that will reduce heating  your phone