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Airtel: Get PUK code & Reset PIN through online or SMS , Airtel Helpline

Each Airtel SIM card has its unique default PUK code which is eight digit long and it can be provided only by Airtel mobile network.So, do not try any PUK generating software online

Some networks are now allowing the users to view or recover the PUK code for the SIM card through online itself.
For example, if you are an Vodafone or Aircel Customer , then you can view the PUK code online in their official website.

But, unfortunately, Airtel is not allowing the users to view the PUK code in online.If you want your Airtel new PUK code generated, follow any one below method.
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Method 1 : Through SMS
    • Type an SMS mobile number of locked PUK code to 785;
    • Example: 92365xx258  to 785.

Method 2 : Through Help line
    1. You have to call the customer care number 198 or 121 from another Airtel mobile number.   If you are calling Airtel customer care from other network then use the following numbers  
      • 9810012345 for Postpaid
      • 9810198101 for Prepaid
    2. The customer care executive will ask the SIM number printed on your SIM card which contains 8 to 15 numbers.
    3. You have to tell the owner of the SIM card which is registered on the name while buying it.
    4. Some other basic details to Confirm that you are the owner. If you manage to convince the customer care person, then they will provide the PUK code.


airtel puk code find sms online locked sim card

  • Method 1 :If you are near by any one of the location like Mombasa Rd, Nairobi; Koinange Street, Nairobi; Moi Avenue, Mombasa; Off Kenyatta Avenue, Kisumu; Off Uganda Rd, Eldoret; Gakere Road, Nyeri; Kenyatta Street, Nakuru , then go directly to Airtel outlet showroom and unlock your Airtel phone immediately for free.

  • Method 2: If you have any other Airtel mobile number , then call customer care number 100 and request to provide PUK code for your locked Kenya Airtel Mobile number

  • Method 3: Otherwise from any other network or landline, call (+254733100100) for prepaid and postpaid customer and request for PUK code.
Once you enter your PUK code in locked mobile phone correctly, then it will ask to enter new PIN number. Enter a new four digit PIN number, remember it . Now the phone will work as usual.


  1. Please refer Get PUK code & Reset PIN number :Airtel Srilanka if you want to recover PUK (PIN unblocking Key) for Srilanka Airtel SIM.

>Airtel line -African Countries
Airtel Zambia → Call 111 from Airtel phone or +260977915000 from any other phone and request for PUK code
Airtel Ghana → Call 100 from Airtel phone or 0260 000 100 from any other phone and request for PUK code
Airtel Tanzania → Call 100 from Airtel phone or +255 78 4105 400 (prepaid) , +255 78 4105 400 (postpaid) from any other phone and request for PUK code
Airtel Malawi → Call 222 from Airtel phone or 265999900111 from any other phone and request for PUK code

Airtel Uganda → Call 100 from Airtel phone or 0752 230110 from another line (prepaid and postpaid) from any other phone and request for PUK code
Airtel Nigeria → Call 111 from Airtel phone or +234 802 150 0111 from any other phone and request for PUK code

If you are using smartphones, try to avoid using PIN code of SIM card .Better use some App locking application like Applock360 security .You can download them from Google play store for free of cost.

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