Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scam or Legit : Online Earning Websites review

After wandering and struggling with lot of online earning websites , finally here I share my experience whether it is Genuine or Scam.
If you are currently involved in this website Program, You can decide whether to continue or not.

First of all , Every Online rewarding Programs will pay you a very cheap payment for the time you investing in the website. But in return they will get a lot of benefit.


           Rating with Experience : Scam

  I joined the website 2 years back. And they promised to reward like the following details.
They cleverly cheated the users. No one didn't get payment. One fine day, the website was closed with a cheating Error message like "Account suspended" for every one.

So, Yes it is absolutely a scam. They may open the website in future to attract new set of innocent users. If you read this article, be aware and create awareness to your friends.
             Payment method : Paypal,cheque  (False Promises)
             Minimum Payout : 20 $
             Instant bonus : 10 $
             Special feature : Revenue share for life time earning
             Countries: All Countries
             Website URL :

           Rating with Experience : Genuine          
          Refer Payment Proof

 In this website , you can earn through various little activities like daily polls ,daily log-in, simple surveys, simple tasks ,searching in their search engines , playing flash games ,random winners , writing blogs , shopping etc. You can checkout the money at anytime you need through various payment options

             Payment method : Paypal, cheque,amazon gift cards,flip kart gift cards etc
             Minimum Payout : 5 $
             Instant bonus : 2 $
             Special feature : Daily login points, Bonus codes available daily
             Countries: All Countries
             Website URL

               Rating with Experience : Scam   

 They initially paid for very few users. But due to their wrong strategy and lack of website design knowledge, they couldn't make the program success and stopped payment by reducing rewarding points for all tasks.

             Payment method : Paypal, cheque,amazon gift cards
             Minimum Payout : 50 $
             Instant bonus : 6 $ + 45.96 $ for reading strategies for free (takes half an hour)
             Special feature : Hyperactive points
             Countries: All Countries
             Website URL

             Rating with Experience : Genuine     , no trust for longrun

 From this website you can simply earn for sharing the links that you like in social websites like facebook , twitter etc. 

The website strategy is forcing the users to view their links. So Facebook, Google plus banned this adfly links . So, this website is not trust worthy in future.

Countries like India Banned this website due to its annoying advertisements.

             Payment method :Paypal
             Minimum Payout : 5 $
             Special feature : earning widget for blogs
             Countries: All Countries
             Website URL

            Rating with Experience : Genuine   
            Payment Proof Here 

One of the genuine paying website for attending surveys. Though you cannot make huge money, it will help for adding some pocket money.

             Payment method : Paypal,cheque,electronic gifts
             Minimum Payout : 200 INR
             Special feature : Daily login points
              Countries: India
             Website URL

As I said earlier, it will take less than one hour daily to go through these websites. But the sum of the money you earn will be great and fill your pockets if you keep active in these websites.