Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PixClip - Free Screen capture tool

Pressing print screen button and then copying it in paint and cropping unwanted portion and saving as a picture file and again inserting in an excel sheet or PowerPoint slide is a lengthy process and  you need not follow this inefficient way to grab a picture no longer

Many screen capture tools are available now in internet .Some of them are free and many of them are for a cost.Today the review is about a most popular and simple screen capture tool called Pixclip.

The download file of this Pixclip application is very very small as in 48 KB size. You do not need to install  and once you open this file it will remain in your tray and you can set to start this application while you start the computer as optional.

One more effective option that is available in the software is you can set up a shortcut key for starting the application and no need to search for the launch icon every time.
Still you need an effective way to make the screen capture faster. Yes you can. You can set another option to capture the previous selected region and no need to drag for the same region again and again. Just press the assigned shortcut key and you are done with the task and paste it where you want.

I explain briefly to how to use the software effectively by some simple techniques.

1.How to make the software to run on startup
1.How to make the software to run on startup

2.How to assign shortcut key for start capture

Some screen capturing tools like FS capture has an option called capture window that will be useful most of the times. This option is not available in Pixclip. I hope the developers will try to implement this feature if they see this review by chance.

One more drawback is if you use this application for a longtime without quitting it , the clipboard memory will become fully occupied and you cant proceed copying further.The solution is you need to erase clipboard memory or restart the computer.

Beyond these minor drawbacks the freeware is an wonderful application tool to use. Make a try and post your comments if you find any issues on the application.