Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bluestacks | How to open Android applications in your PC or Laptop

Here after we can run your favorite android applications on your personal computer or laptop.For that we need  to install the software called Blue stacks Apps Player. The software has both pros and cons and this review is all about the peculiar software.

There is no doubt that the developers of this software has put a tonne of work to release this nice software.Let me tell about the salient features of this software before entering into its drawbacks.

  • If you are an android application developer , then here is the software for you guys. You can test your application easily through this software before releasing into the market or google play store.
  • Are you one of the fan of talking tom and as many android applications and need to explore them in big screens like your pc or laptop. If so, you will like this software and you can explore as many android applications as you need.
  • In android phones you have a memory limitation , so you cannot keep more applications installed in your phone. But if you have this software installed in your pc, then you can install more applications because your laptop/pc memory configuration will be more when compared to android smart phones.

  • The main limitation of this software is , the setup file you have to download is large .106 MB.A question arises here  that , "Is it necessary this much huge size for this application?" . 
  • When comparing to smartphones the speed of the application is low comparatively.
  • Start up time of the software is also long.
  • As smartphones are touchscreen and applications are based on touch screen , there are few lagging points when you install those applications in PC.
Download :
You can the directly download from the blue stacks official website

Begin to use the software and I think this software has some future if we will use it and let them tell our true feedback