UBT/XFER amount debited by Bank | Meaning and Expansion

Some times you can see your bank statement with , your bank account is debited or credited amount stating with abbreviation UBT/XFER followed by transaction number .
Mostly banks like ICICI and Axis bank uses this UBT/XFER abbreviation in the account statement.

This article will explain and give precise clarification about the expansion of UBT/XFER

Expansion for UBT/XFER is Utility Bill Payment / Transfer
Usually banks denote the word transfer as XFER.

So, the amount debited related to UBT/XFER transaction is completely related to online Payment that you have recently made.
It includes utility Bill Payments like Online Bus Booking, Theater ticket booking, Online Purchasing like Paytm, Flipkart etc.

If you have received credits in the name of UBT/XFER transaction, it will be locked for sometimes until it is confirmed by the bank. If it is confirmed then it will add to your available balance. It may be some cash back sent by the online merchant site you have purchased.

Some times UBT/XFER transaction may appear when the transaction between intra bank acoount (example : within ICICI bank), is not fully completed. It will reflect in your account immediately but take some time to get confirmation and to get added in main balance.

To get the precised information about the transaction, you can contact the bank customer care with your transaction information.